Singles Ministry


Because personal growth is so important, it is foundational to everything we do. Although we have occasional programs that are focused specifically on growth, being involved in all other areas (worshipping, sharing, caring and serving) is a crucial element for growth to take place in a person’s life. Those involved in each area are much more likely to grow than those involved in only one area.


Ignite is a worship service that meets on Wednesday. Fellowship begins at 8:00pm, and worship starts at 8:30pm in the E Theatre on campus. Singles from all across Jacksonville gather to meet friends, worship God through great music and learn from the practical teaching of Singles Pastor, Daniel Warren. 


There are many opportunities to get involved by serving in our Singles Ministry. If you are one who loves to meet new people and help them become part of the group, then sign up to serve on our Connection Team. If behind-the-scenes is more your style, we can always use help on Wednesday nights on the Set-Up Crew. Other teams include Refreshment and Hospitality and Creative Planning. 

Trinity Mentoring Program

Trinity Mentoring Program allows you the opportunity to invest your time in something worthwhile. Trinity has partnered with two local organizations, giving us the opportunity to be involved in the lives of children in our community. Your involvement can help these special children excel in their academics, social skills and spiritual journey. As a mentor, your influence on a child can be life-changing, as you help them realize their potential and also empower them to believe in a brighter future.
Singles Ministry