Our Church

We come from all walks of life.  In our service you will find the teacher, the carpenter, the homeless, the CEO, the nurse, the sailor, the small business owner, the homemaker and the retiree.  And that’s just the choir!

We have something in common.  We share a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We worship Him when we get together.  We preach His Gospel.  We believe in His power to change people.  We want others to know him.

We are all about growth.  Personal growth is normal and expected so we are constantly working at helping people to grow.  We think that people grow differently so we work to meet people wherever they are and help them to take the next step.  We don’t have any people who have “arrived”, so if you are not perfect yet, you will be right at home.

We welcome new people.  Almost half of our church has come in the last five years, so we know what it is like to try to fit in.  We try hard to make our guests as comfortable as possible because we were there once… and some of us still remember what it was like.