Under Construction

Under Construction is our newest series at Trinity Kids. During Bible Fellowship children will learn how the exiles returned from captivity to rebuild on the land that God had promised them many years before. During InZone and SuperChurch kids will learn how God is working in their lives to make them what God wants them to be!

Key Passage: Zechariah 9:9 - Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold thy King cometh unto thee.

April 26-27
Bible Story: Obadiah the Prophet
Passage: Obadiah 1-9
Big Picture Question: Why did God judge Edom's pride? Pride steals God's glory.


May 3-4
Bible Story: Zerubbabel Led the Captives Home
Passage: Ezra 1-3
Big Picture Question: How did God keep His promise to the Israelites? God changed King Cyrus's heart so the Israelites could go home.

May 10-11
Bible Story: Haggai, Prophet to Judah
Passage: Haggai 1-2
Big Picture Question: How can we honor God? We can put God first in our lives.

May 17-18
Bible Story: Zechariah, Prophet to Judah
Passage: Zechariah 1-14
Big Picture Question: What was Zechariah's message? Zechariah spoke about the coming Messiah.

May 24-25
Bible Story: The Temple Was Completed
Passage: Ezra 4-6
Big Picture Question: Why did the people rebuild the temple? The people rebuilt the temple to worship God.

May 31-June 1
Bible Story: Esther Saved Her People
Passage: Esther 4-5, 7
Big Picture Question: How does God use people? God uses ordinary people to carry out His plan.

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