Easter Art Entry

We invite artists of all ages, both professional and amateur, to submit a creative work (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) to showcase during the weeks leading up to and through Easter weekend. The inspiration will be the song  “Glorious Day,” and we’re asking that artists use the lyrics of the song (the entire song or even just one line from the song) as the basis for their work. Click here for lyrics.

Artwork will begin to be displayed the weekend of April 5-6, and we will receive works up until the week before Easter. Our goal is to create a unique lobby experience that tells the Easter story, even before guests enter the auditorium.

You can submit your work at the church office at 800 Hammond Blvd. - C Building.
If you have any further questions, contact Daniel Riddick at driddick@tbc.org or 596-2436.

Artist Statement
Please include a written description and interpretation of the work you are submitting. It should be brief, relevant to the work, and communicates to the general public. Feel free to describe the installation of your work if there are special requirements.

At the bottom of each artist statement, include contact information so that if someone wants to purchase a piece, they can contact you.

* Please Note - The display area will be a public venue with a broad audience that includes children. Please insure your creative work is appropriate for all ages.

To enter your own work, please complete the form below:

Art for Easter

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