World Missions

Trinity Baptist Church is passionate about reaching people locally with the gospel.  We are thankful for our church ministries here in Jacksonville that reach people, but we also have a great burden to reach people around the world. Our people have the opportunity to go visit missionaries on short-term missions trips each year.  We also host an annual World Missions Conference that challenges us to pray for missionaries, to give financially, and to surrender to missions.  We believe that every believer ought to have the biblical worldview that God cares for everyone, and that He wants them to trust Him.

Upcoming Short-Term Mission Trips

In 1993 members of Trinity Baptist Church launched Vision With Compassion as an outreach ministry to the country of Cuba. That ministry continues unto the present under the direction of Ray and Bev Mixon. Recently Pastor Messer visited the island nation and returned with a passion to increase our ministry presence in Cuba. In response to Pastor’s vision and the work of Vision with Compassion we are planning 3 short term ministry opportunities in Cuba this year.

Cuba Trip 1: July 2-11, 2019

Vacation Bible School/children ministry work. We need 1-2 people who are experienced working with children who can help minister to hundreds of children in Cuba.

Cost: Approximately $1400
Team Leader: Ray Mixon (June 13-20)

Cuba Trip 2: August 2019

Remodeling of a ministry building to include plumbing, electrical, tile, painting, and general labor. The team will be limited to 8 with priority given to ensure we have at least 1 plumber and 1 electrician.

Cost: Approximately $1400
Team Leader: John Tracht

Cuba Trip 3: TBD

Similar to Trip 1. Remodeling to include plumbing, electrical, tile, painting, and general labor. The team will be limited to 8 with priority given to ensure we have at least 1 plumber and 1 electrician.

Cost: Approximately $1400
Team Leader: John Trach

Missionaries Around the World

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*Trinity is the sending church


United States

Ray Clemons (New Mexico)*
Illuminate Church (Church plant/Augusta, Georgia)
Charles Keen (Bearing Precious Seeds – Director)
Mike Patterson (Mt. Abrim Baptist Mission – Director)
Story City Church (Church Plant/Los Angeles, CA)
Byron Sarracino (New Mexico)


Central America



Ralph Gilmer
Tom Gilmer
William Horton
Bud McCord


Rafael Gomez



Guyana Initiative – Greg Mann*



Rudy Johnson
Mike Kennedy
Joe Kotvas
Oliver Williams


Louise Champlin



Donovan Bangs*
Michael Bentley (Evangelist at large)*
Russ Ivison
Damian Pickett



Doug Cook (US Military Germany)
Rodney Kidd
Bill Richards
Mike Teague (US Military Germany)
Andrew Wilson
Gib Wood (US Military Germany)




Masato Funakoshi


South Africa

Bob Graham
Steve Myers


JJ Alderman*
Randy Alderman*
Stephanie Alderman*
Anna Chubb
Josh Freeman*
Ashley Siler*
Jim White*


Phylicia Perry (Zambia Ministry)*



Jody Colson



Steve Canter*




Lynn Calinisan*
Bruce Rice
Gerald Sutek
Michael Wonser
Doug Worley




New Zealand

Caitlyn Smith*

Johnnie Bates (Camp/Canada)
Henry Benach (Jewish)
Tim Davis (Evangelism)*
Keith Gaines (Ministry of Helps)
Perry Gibson (Japanese/Washington State)
Alberto Gomez (Hispanic/Jacksonville)*
Marvin Harris (Hispanic/USA)
Dave Hohman (Prison/USA)
Bruce Jernigan (AWANA/USA)
Geri King (Jewish/New York)
Terry King (Youth/USA)
Mike Olson (Global Partnership Ministries)
Mike Remington (Remington Deaf Ranch)
Reggie Rempel (Deaf Ministry/Georgia)
James Rumsey (Prisons/USA)*
Dan Solomon (Jewish/USA)*
C.T. Spear (Church Planting/USA)
Tim Stephens (Cambodians/Philadelphia)
Tim Tutton (Baptist Youth Ministry/USA)
Edward Valliencourt (Christian Camps)
Christian Stewardship Ministries (Don White)
Gideons International (Bibles)
Liberty Baptist Fellowship (Church Planting/USA)
Tim Lee Ministries (Evangelism)
Timothy Initiative (David Nelms/Church Planting)
Trinity Baptist College*
Trinity Rehabilitation Farm*
Trinity Youth Camp*

Our church currently supports 8 missionary families ministering in areas or among people where publishing their names online can create security issues for them. These families are serving in various locations in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Please pray for these servants of God living and serving in very challenging locations. We are honored as a church to be connected with them and to have the privilege to pray daily for God’s blessing to rest upon their family and ministry.

Retired Missionaries

Garland Cofield
Marion Fuji
Judy Gearis
Ed Gibson*
Wisteria Smith
Joyce Touchton
Ed Valliencourt
Ben Walker*